Just a few words to say thank you very much for your valuable assistance on 29th June when the coil packed up on our Riley Roadster at the junction near your garage. We still wonder at where you sprang up from on such a busy junction. It makes a good story. As it happened the coil only lasted another 30 miles when it got too hot to touch at Shepton Mallett. Anyway, the minute the bonnet came up someone popped up with offers of assistance and within an hour I had purchased another from the back of some chaps garage and it has worked fine ever since. Although I have now bought a new one. Once on our way from SM and running a bit late we went via Taunton and Tiverton then up the A361 to Barnstaple and what a great road. The car went like the wind, into the sun and romping up the hills and cruising down the dips. The best drive I have had for years. We got to our B & B just before 9 o`clock, 10 hours and 200miles after leaving home. The rest of the holiday went brilliantly with good weather and the car going great.

Thank you again, you were exceptional.

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